How the Friendship Box Got Started

My memories of the holidays are filled with much-needed family reunions, frenzied and joyful gift shopping, and of course baking as well as seasonal arts and crafts.
My aunt and uncle were masters of creative gift giving. They gave themed gift boxes that were filled with special treasures. They were always such an inspiration to me.

During “The Covid Break”, I wanted to create my own version of their presents. I knew that every object needed to be special even down to the box itself.
Since my mission is to support not only those with disabilities, as well as their caregivers, I searched and found wonderful small companies in the U.S. that train and hire those with disabilities to make and assemble their products.
This made my boxes complete. I couldn’t be any prouder to also include them in my themed boxes. These companies may be small. But what they accomplish is enormous.
I know that it can take many months, even years, for some with disabilities to learn a simple task. Not only can they participate and earn money, but they can also be surrounded by friends and coworkers. And last but not least, I am so happy for their parents and caregivers.
I understand their never-ending patience as well as hope for their child’s future.

My goal was to create a Declan’s Friendship Box that builds on the joy of creating meaningful connections and treasured memories. They are perfect to commemorate special times, celebrate friendship, and recognize everyone’s ability to contribute to the world.


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